Science and Life Gallery

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Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Both entrances to the Science and Life Gallery create a sense of wonder. From the massive blue whale skeleton in the Main Foyer and Walk to the theatrical display of transformation in the Evolution Gallery, there is definitely something to spark curiosity in your guests.

Inside the gallery, one of the highlights is Dinosaur Walk. You and your guests can freely wander through this impressive floor-to-ceiling congregation of dinosaur skeletons and mingle with some megafauna!

Another spectacular display is Wild, an exhibit of over 600 animal specimens that is arranged in a striking theatrical style. It’s interactive, can be viewed from many angles and is always a talking point of a visit to the museum.

Continuing a totally different museum experience, with a drink in hand you can take a look at the largest pink diamond found in Australia, marvel at gold nuggets that sparked the rush and top it off with Bugs Alive. Here you can peer at a wondrous collection of creepy crawlies – both preserved and alive! – and discover some fascinating facts and stories about one of the most significant collections of insects and spiders in the country.

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Science and Life Gallery 
384 m2
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