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Detailing in The Long Room, Immigration Museum.

Long Room

Our Long Room is inspiring in its size. Originally a thriving hub of trade activity, it has remained an important commercial location for over one hundred years.

Immigration Museum
Nine Below, Immigration Museum.

Nine Below

A reimagined space behind the historic Customs House, nine steps from the historic Market Street.

Immigration Museum
Grand Foyer

Grand Foyer

The Grand Foyer is on the first floor and is accessible by an elegant, ornate staircase, creating a wonderful sense of anticipation on arrival at your event.

Immigration Museum
Atrium, Immigration Museum


Our Atrium is a beautiful glass conservatory at the rear of Old Customs House, connecting the main building to the Courtyard.

Immigration Museum
Immigration Museum Courtyard


Our sun-drenched Courtyard, a tranquil haven in the middle of the CBD.

Immigration Museum