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Royal Exhibition Building

Eastern and Western Forecourts

Located on either side of the Royal Exhibition Building, from Rathdowne and Nicholson Streets respectively, the Eastern and Western Forecourts are landscaped spaces adjoin Carlton Gardens, Museum Plaza and Southern Drive.

Royal Exhibition Building
Interior of the Royal Exhibition Building

Gallery Level

From the light and breezy mezzanine Gallery Level, you can look down over the balcony and gaze across the floor or up towards the starry sky of the Dome with its exquisitely painted Renaissance-like murals beneath.

Royal Exhibition Building
Dinner function set-up

Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Royal Exhibition Building is immediately impressive. No matter which triumphal portico you enter, as soon as you look up you’ll be struck by the breathtaking ceilings.

Royal Exhibition Building

Museum Plaza

Museum Plaza most often used as public event space or for outdoor exhibitions, this immense area is an exciting platform for any number of events – the possibilities are endless!

Royal Exhibition Building
Crowd watching light projection on building

Southern Drive

​Southern Drive is bordered by perfectly landscaped garden beds and separates the Royal Exhibition Building from the southern end of the Carlton Gardens

Royal Exhibition Building

Touring Hall and Foyer

Touring Hall at Melbourne Museum has hosted some of the world’s finest large-scale exhibitions, so you are only limited by your imagination! Very limited in its availability the Touring Hall offers a ...

Melbourne Museum
Round tables set for a dinner function

Pumping Station

We are always excited to welcome guests to the heritage-listed Pumping Station – its impressive industrial architecture and unique history always makes for a memorable occasion.